Wide Anim Shopify Theme

You can reach us for any questions, details or improvements requests at email support@web-sites.site

Fully Responsive

This theme will look great on any device, no matter the size!

Flawless Work

Featuring the latest build of the new frameworks!

Easy to Use

Ready to use on setted up site

Fully Responsive Design

When you use our theme, you know that the theme will look great on any device, whether it's a phone, tablet, or desktop the page will behave responsively!

Updated For Shopify

Newly improved, and full of great utility classes, WideAnim is leading the way in mobile responsive web development!

Easy to Use & Customize

For users who demand some deeper customization options. Out of the box, just add your content and images, and your site is ready to go!

What customers are saying...

Margaret E.

"This is fantastic! Thanks so much guys!"

Mira S.

"Very satisfied with my purchase- designer very professional. Thank you"

Sarah W.

"Thanks so much for making your works available to us!"